Tutoring Reviews

At the start of the pandemic, my 6 year old son couldn’t count to 100, which was unexpected for us, given he could count to 20 when he was 2 years old and could name 195/197 countries on the world map at age 4. We decided to sign onto Singapore Math with Ms Lee Ling. Six months on, with a combination of his persistence, practice and brilliant lessons led by Ms Lee Ling, he can now multiply with most numbers, not by memorizing but understanding the concept of grouping numbers (i.e. 6 groups of 6 are 36), with the Singapore maths techniques. As a parents, the most important thing for me is my kids confidence, and I can safely say, my sons confidence is endless now with numbers. He has a hunger to learn more. I cannot recommend these classes enough. Thank you Ms Lee Ling! — Dr Nisha Parihar

I really like the attention and spirit Ms Lee brings to the class. She is always open to feedback and tried different analytical methods to kids. She gives personal attention and understands which kid is struggling and goes above and beyond to help them understand. She also draws parents attention as needed. It’s lucky to have her as my son’s teacher. — Minal Shah

We are so grateful to have enrolled in your classes and have you as Raifs ever-ready, steadfast teacher who endlessly encourages the kids with a smile on your face every single week. We feel truly blessed. Thank you for all you do for us Lee Ling 🙏🏽 — Dr Nisha Parihar

Our son (a first grader) who was struggling a bit with math looks forward to the math classes almost like it’s a party. His standardized math scores jumped 100% within 2.5 months of starting the class. — Jim Ross

Review for English Classes: “What he’s learning in his English class is quite advanced for his age. We used to learn them in high school. He is now using new words that are not even in our vocabulary. He is also now analyzing and formulating complex sentences. We see all this improvement only after about six months of classes! We are glad that we found you guys to train him. We are really happy.” – – Prakash & Deepti (Arjun’s parents) 

Our daughter, who just turned 14 and is in 8th grade, used to be a total failure at math. She could not grasp and retain even the most basic aspects of arithmetic. She was terrified of math class, had a poor relationship with math teachers, and had very low self-esteem and no confidence in her abilities. We tried several methods, even invested in a six-month math program through Mathnasium, spent $300 a month for personalized tutoring, and came away with virtually no improvement. She failed the STAAR test miserably, was placed in math recovery class in addition to regular class and continued to struggle.

Now, she makes A’s and an occasional B in algebra. She loves math class and looks forward to learning. She narrowly missed “commended score” status on the STAAR test this year. Our daughter has gone through a complete turnaround, and we owe it all to her teacher, Ms. Lee-ling Chew and her instruction using Singapore Math®.

Our daughter has been mentored by Lee-ling for about six months now, and in that short time has made up years of lost and missing skills. She looks forward to their weekly lessons. We would wholeheartedly recommend Lee-ling to any parent seeking help for their child’s math deficiencies or as a means for gaining peak performance. She has been a blessing to our daughter. — Steve and Susan Lightfoot

Review for English Classes: “Rodney’s class is awesome! The instructor speaks very clearly and is very knowledgeable and patient. My son enjoys the class and he has improved a lot in his sentence formation and vocabulary. The class is very interactive and my son is always excited to be in the class”. — Gouthami (Srinand’s mom) 

Ms. Lee-ling makes learning fun. Her patience with children is amazing, which makes her so adorable and likeable. Ms. Lee-ling targets your weakness and lays out an effective study plan for you. Her teaching technique is such that she makes complicated and ambiguous problems, plain, simple and easy to understand. Ms. Lee-ling has full command of her subjects. And, because she cares, Ms. Lee-ling will accommodate make-up session, around your and her schedule. Her philosophy is that every student must be given the opportunity to learn and succeed. Ms. Lee-ling also provides homework help and prepares you for tests. She helps nourish and grow your self-confidence and your faith; subjects that you once dreaded, now become your friend. Ms. Lee-ling respects your feelings. She is deeply concerned about your education. She is constantly looking for ways to elevate you to a higher level. Ms. Lee-ling is not just your teacher; she is like your second mother, your other sister and above all, your best friend. — Henry and Jacqueline Anthony

Review for English Classes: “My daughter Vanshika is going to 5th grade and she  has been attending Mr. Rodney’s classes since January 2020. She is  learning many things like grammar, vocabulary, key word outlines, writing paragraphs etc, and more than anything she is enjoying Mr. Rodney’s lessons very much. She does her homework showing lots of interest without making us remind her. I can confidently say that my daughter‘s English skills improved as well. We can see a lot more quality in her writing than before.” — Sirisha (Vanshika’s mom)

I knew Ms Lee-ling when we were both 14 years old. She was not only a top student academically at school, she also excelled in speech competition and different musical instruments. In her young age, she had a special gift of teaching/tutoring her classmates who struggled with different subjects. I was one of them. I had a hard time understanding the math materials the teacher taught. Ms Lee-ling took the initiative to tutor me math after school. I was so amazed that she could reach me at my level of understanding and explained the material to me. Through her help, I started to like math and greatly improved in it.

After 33 years, when I realized that my son didn’t show great interest in math, I immediately thought of Ms Lee-ling. I asked her to teach my son math online since we were living in Taiwan. She saw that my son had a great potential in math and agreed to tutor him. She introduced fun mental math and used Beast Academy with him. He was hesitant at first but gradually started to love doing math by himself and having lessons with Ms Lee-ling. She made the lessons so interesting for him. Because of Mr Lee-ling’s help, he learned to approach math logically through mental math and started to perform very well at school.

Mr Lee-ling can be such a great teacher for different levels of kids because she is passionate in knowing each individual as a person . She is always hungry for learning and improving her ways of teaching math. It is a joy for her to see her students gain confidence in doing math. Whether you are struggling in math or you want to excel in math, Ms Lee-ling definitely will be a great resource to you. — Ioanne Yeap

Ms Lee-ling is the best math tutor ever! I haven’t had an A in math since fourth grade, and I am in 8th grade now. She teaches at my pace, and let me work on what I feel I want to work on. She teaches at a level that anybody can understand. It really helps in my math classes. I started getting A’s in my math class even since I started tutoring with her. She is really good as a tutor, and a really good friend! I recommend her to anybody who struggles in math, no matter the age. — Emma Lightfoot

My daughter is a fourth grader, but she did not like math and was struggling with it. My tutor, Ms Lee-ling has improved her math skill and grades! I am pleased that my daughter is more interested in math class now. Ms Lee-ling also taught my daughter the ability to solve math problems by herself. Highly recommended! — Joanne Min

I recently signed my kids up with SingMath Tutoring (math tutoring with Singapore math) to get ready for a new school year (2017). The tutor, a long-term home-school mom in my neighborhood, loves teaching and has been tutoring since her high school days. Singapore math focuses on mental math and word problems. Both are critical for SAT math. I highly recommend this amazing math program with a fabulous math teacher, with prices cheaper than Kumon, Mathnasium, and other learning centers. — Jeri Powell

I was very happy when we found Ms Lee-ling to tutor math for our daughter (7th grader). My daughter Emma had ADD since she was diagnosed during her 3rd grade. We tried Kumon at first but it did not work out. We realized that Emma needs a 1-1 tutoring. We had Emma tried out Tutor center locally near Lake Line mall, then also other 1-1 tutors, one from a friend referral and the other from varsitytutor.com. They were ok actually and Varsity was pricey though. However, none of them is good with kids like Ms Lee-ling. On top of that Ms Lee-ling is also very good in teaching mathematic in her own way to grade school kids. I believe that with her ability, she can tutor wide range of kids up to high school because she had strong back ground in math and homeschooling experience (she homeschool both her children from pre-K to present). My daughter had been with Ms Lee-ling for almost a year and I can see Emma is getting better grades. Next school year Emma’s math teacher recommended her to move up to honor level math class. — Duke Pham

My daughter Gauri is in 6th grade. After she started Singapore math with Ms Lee Ling, I see a lot of improvement in her . She knows how to tackle a question now. She’s still learning new ways and techniques. Singapore math has changed her point of view to analyze a question. It has given her very simple and sensible way to look at math problems. She’s doing pretty good in her school. I’m very happy with her progress. Thank you Ms Lee-ling for putting so much passion and hard work into our kids. — Aparna Lakshmi

Lee-ling and Rodney are gifted educators and they make learning practical and fun for their students. They love teaching and my kids really enjoy learning with them. Both my children have a knack for math and Lee-ling’s Singapore math tutorials and her methods of engaging them made them love math even more. They are doing really well in school after several sessions with her. My other kid was struggling in English as it’s not his native language. Rodney was very patient and disciplined in his approach and he adjusted his teaching style several times to find the best fit for my son to learn. We are seeing the fruits in school now, as in this recent 3rd marking period, he got in the A honor roll for the first time. What a great blessing to be co-laborers with the Chews in teaching our kids! — Roy and Joanah Legaspi

Ms Lee-ling Chew is an amazing math teacher for any student seeking greater achievement and enjoyment in math. My daughter doesn’t like math facts but Ms Lee-ling makes every lesson so interesting that my daughter always looks forward to the next class. After just a few months attending Singapore math classes with Ms Lee-ling, my daughter’s math STAAR test score improves tremendously from previous year. I would recommend Ms Lee-ling for anyone looking for an excellent math teacher with amazing results. — Rachel

My daughter Amara attended Ms Lee-ling’s camp in summer 2018 and she started tutoring with her in fall 2018. Amara started improving the first month of tutoring. When she started with Ms Lee-ling, she was behind in all her math and now she is one of the top kids in her class. Ms Lee-ling is an amazing tutor. I wholeheartedly recommend her Singapore math tutoring service to any parent! — Shirley

Hello, I am Sam and I want to start by saying that math used to be trash to me. But ever since I met Ms Lee-ling less than two months ago, my perspective has changed. She made math fun and teaches very very cool tricks, and they help a lot. My record for completing the whole multiplication table has gone from 20 minutes all the way to 3:12 minutes in a very short time. She is a great teacher! — Sam

Ms Lee-ling is one of the best teachers I have come across in Austin. She is really good with kids and provides strong foundation of math. My son has been doing very well in school with her help. We have seen huge improvement in his math skills just in five months of classes. — Hyma