RRISD After School Program

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English: How to Dress Up Your Writings (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Thursdays 430pm. Beginning Jan 28th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Students will learn fundamental structures of writing – how to outline, create strong paragraphs, summarize information, and write basic stories and reports. They will also learn some different stylistic techniques such as strong action words, descriptive language, and varied sentence patterns that will bring their writing to the next level.

English: Vocab Building from Greek & Latin Roots (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Fridays 430pm. Beginning Jan 29th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

By learning vocabulary words from the perspective of their Greek and Latin root words, a student can grow their vocabulary faster. Also, it increases their ability to know the meaning of new words when they come across them on tests or in reading by quickly spotting familiar “roots.” This is a skill needed from elementary school through college. 

English: Critical Thinking Through Poetry (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Fridays 430pm. Beginning Apr 9th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Analysis is a skill needed for the ACT, SAT, and high school and college coursework. Furthermore, critical thinking skills learned through analysis can be used in myriads of life situations. Studying shorter works of poetry is a great introduction to these important life skills. Through fun, relatable poems and group interaction, students will learn how to analyze, write, and even enjoy poetry in this class. The teacher, Catherine, is a certified, second-level Institute in Excellence in Writing instructor and a passionate scribbler of poetry.

English: Vocabulary & Structure to Make Beautiful Sentences (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Wednesdays 430pm. Beginning Mar 31st, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Through interactive teaching and group participation, junior high schoolers will learn how to create stronger sentences by studying proper phrasing and vibrant vocabulary. By modeling strong sentence patterns, group writing, and individual practice, students will perfect strong sentence skills. They will also grow their vocabulary by learning about synonyms, descriptive words, and how to use a thesaurus.

Math: Mental Math Strategies (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Mondays 6pm. Beginning Jan 25th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Let your child be exposed to the aspect of math he is not learning at school! Enroll your child in “Singapore math Mental Math Strategies” class for him to learn many fascinating mental math tricks and strategies that will empower his confidence in math calculation and increase his enjoyment in numbers manipulations! (Campers must be fluent with multiplication table)

Math: Solving Word Problems with Bar Modeling (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Mondays 6pm. Beginning Mar 29th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Is your child intimidated by word problems? Enrolled in the perfect “Singapore math Solving Word Problems with Bar Modeling” class. By using this little known secret of Bar Modeling that has propeled Singapore students to the height in international math arena, your child will stop struggling in being confused with all the information in word problems and feeling lost in knowing how to solve them.

Math: Algebra in Elementary Grades (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Tuesdays 530pm. Beginning Jan 26th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

∆ + ●  = 10,   ∆ – ●  = 4; what is ∆ & ● ? (from Singapore Math 1A workbook) Enroll in “Singapore math Algebra in Elementary Grades” class to empower your young child in using different approaches to solve problems that are essentially algebra in disguise!

Math: Fun with Numbers (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Tuesdays 5:30pm. Beginning Mar 30th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Math is not drudgery, boring, dry, and lifeless.  Enroll in “Singapore math Fun with Numbers” so that your child will discover that math is enjoyable and fun, leaving him with the playful experiences that cultivate a pleasant relationship with math!

Math: Logic & Critical Thinking (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Fridays 4:30pm. Beginning Jan 29th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Living in a world with jobs that will soon be taken over by robots, more than ever before you child needs to possess sharp critical thinking skill.  Mere memorizing and regurgitating information will not help you child stand out among the crowd. Enroll him in “Singapore math Critical Thinking” class to sharpen his critical thinking skill to process, synthesize, analyze ideas, and problem solving.  He will be challenged with many problems and stimulated to produce outside the box solutions.

Math: Logic & Puzzles (Adv Gr 2nd – 5th)

Fridays 4:30pm. Beginning Apr 9th, 2021 for 6 weeks.

Who doesn’t love solving puzzles?  Enroll your child in “Singapore math Logic & Puzzles” class to foster his problem solving, logical thinking, reasoning skills, and to improve his concentration and attention span, and ultimately to raise his IQ and confidence level in taking up challenges!