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1st to 6th Grade

Enrich your kids’ minds with these fun and practical camps!

Use school break to make math stimulating & fun for your children!

“PLAY is the highest form of research.” — Albert Einstein

Schools do not present math as a fun subject. Here is where we come in! We offer fun filled yet challenging math puzzles and games to stimulate your children’s interest and turn them into math lovers.

Thank you so much for this week. You instilled love for math in my kids. I have never seen them that excited doing puzzles. We are coming back soon.” — Supreet (Sehejveer and Anahad’s mom)

1st – 3rd Grade:

Mar 15th – 19th
9 AM – 12 PM cst

Content: Number Sense & Mental Math Strategies, Math Games, and Word Problems & Logic Puzzles

Adv 3rd – 6th Grade:

Mar 15th – 19th
3 PM – 6 PM cst

Content: Mental Math Strategies, Math Games, and Word Problems & Logic Puzzles
Campers must be fluent with multiplication table.

Math ClassPriceAdd Class
Math 1st-3rd Grade (Mar 15th-19th, 2021)$175.00
Math 3rd-6th Grade (Mar 15th-29, 2021)$195.00


Mental Math Strategies

Math Games

Word Problems & Logic Puzzles

I put all three kids in Singapore math camp. They are going into 1st, 3rd, and 5th. They loved it! So much fun! Great indoor enrichment for my kids. They were so excited we signed up for more! When I would pick them up it was hard to get them to leave camp! Kid approved for sure!” –The Nall Family (Will, Adina, and Dalton’s mom)

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