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Enrich your kids’ minds with these fun and practical camps!

Accelerate and Extend Your Children’s Math Understanding and Abilities!

Next to English, Math is the single most important foundational subject your kids need to master in order to succeed in school. For kids, the summer is a time when they gradually forget what they learned in school. Instead of passively hoping for them to retain what they learned, take the proactive step to move them forward in their studies. These summer months are an immense opportunity for your kids to not only retain what they learned during the school year, but much more a time to accelerate and extend their learning in preparation for the upcoming school year.

We’ve Got You Covered!
From math basics to college entrance exam prep.

Is your child just starting his/her math journey? It’s important to lay a solid foundation of understanding number sense and enjoying the subject, instead of knowing math as just drills and repetition of rules.

Does your child dread math? We have fun filled math games and logic & puzzles camps to stimulate his/her interest and turn them into math lovers.

Does your child hate solving word problems? We offer camps that use the little known secret called “bar modeling” to unlock the mystery of solving word problems.

Is your child entering college in a year or two? Start early to build and polish those crucial skills of tackling college entrance exams (PSAT, SAT, & ACT)! High scores lead to Ivy Leagues and scholarships!

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