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Enrich your kids’ minds with this fun and practical camp!

Which sentence below do you prefer your child to write?

A: A dog barked at the child.

B: A feral brown dog barked menacingly at the frightened child.

“Rodney’s class is awesome! The instructor speaks very clearly and is very knowledgeable and patient. My son enjoys the class and he has improved a lot in his sentence formation and vocabulary. The class is very interactive and my son is always excited to be in the class”. — Gouthami (Srinand’s mom) 

In our Spring Break camps and classes, we offer:

  1. Vocabulary enrichment through learning Greek and Latin roots
  2. Simple techniques to help children skillfully craft beautiful sentences
  3. An easy to follow outline structure to help children plan paragraphs using keywords

2nd-3rd Grade:

Mar 15th – 19th
3 PM – 6 PM cst

4th-6th Grade:

Mar 15th – 19th
9 AM – 12 PM cst

English ClassPriceAdd Class
English 2nd-3rd Grade (Mar 15th-19th, 2021)$175.00
English 4th-6th Grade (Mar 15th-19th, 2021)$195.00

My daughter Vanshika is going to 5th grade and she  has been attending Mr. Rodney’s classes since January 2020. She is  learning many things like grammar, vocabulary, key word outlines, writing paragraphs etc, and more than anything she is enjoying Mr. Rodney’s lessons very much. She does her homework showing lots of interest without making us remind her. I can confidently say that my daughter‘s English skills improved as well. We can see a lot more quality in her writing than before.” — Sirisha (Vanshika’s mom)

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