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What is the single most important subject your children should focus on in order to succeed in school and adult life?

If you guessed English (the language arts) then you are correct! After all, language allows us to communicate and form relationships. English is therefore critical, but as a school subject, it is also one of the most complicated. It involves reading-comprehension, phonics, rules of grammar, writing sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

If these areas are not covered properly, your kids will struggle in other areas of their education as well. The summer months, free of school homework, are the ideal times to focus on the language arts and sharpen your kids’ English skills.

Kindergarten – 2nd grade level: If your children are at this level, we will help lay a good foundation for them in phonics, reading, spelling, and writing.

3rd – 4th grade level: If your children are at this level, it’s never too early to prepare them for the 4th grade STAAR writing exam.

5th grade or above: If your children are at this level, we will teach them the dynamic craft of writing! They will learn the secret for building an extensive vocabulary by using Latin roots.

8th grade or above: If your children are this level, we will help them prepare for SAT/ACT exams or writing college entrance essays. High scores can lead to scholarships and Ivy League schools.

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